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Pronal Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Container Liquid Bags

(1)     首先,它是一次性運用的,用過當前就可以丟棄,不需求額定的中央來寄存這些液袋和清算,它也沒有超期費之類的費用,就可以省不少資金。除此之外,一次性運用的益處還有衛生環保,每次運用的都是全新的液袋,無效的防止貨物被凈化。

(2)     Pronal analysis container liquid bag is a new kind of software packaging container which can store and transport all kinds of non-risky liquid goods. It brings convenience to everyone's transportation, but it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Tomorrow's edition will give you an analysis.

(3)     液袋比起傳統的罐箱,可以裝載更多的貨物,比最原始的集裝箱可多裝40%,那麼所需求的集裝箱數量就可以增加了,這樣又可以節省資金。

(4)     First of all, it is a one-time use, with the current can be discarded, do not need the rated center to deposit these bags and liquidation, it also has no overdue fees and other expenses, can save a lot of money. In addition, the benefits of one-time use also include health and environmental protection, each time using a new liquid bag, ineffective prevention of goods being purified.

(5)     液袋內可以裝置Pronal ,等于一個保溫器,它的最低溫度有80度。這個裝對溫度有要求的液體是很好的,它可以對這些特殊液體停止保溫。這個是傳統的罐箱做不到的。

(6)     Compared with the traditional tank, the liquid bag can carry more goods and 40% more than the original container, so the number of containers required can be increased, which can save money.

(7)     液袋的操作十分簡便,只需求幾團體和一些管子就可以完成操作,而傳統的IBC和罐箱都需求幾十個工人才干把東西裝完。其次,它的裝卸也十分簡便??梢詮捻敳块y門經過管子把液體裝出來,然后需求釋放的時分從底部閥門經過管子把液體放出。

(8)     Pronal can be installed in the liquid bag, which is equal to an insulator. Its minimum temperature is 80 degrees. It's good to pack liquids with temperature requirements. It can stop insulating these special liquids. This is beyond the reach of traditional tanks.

(9)      除了下面說的種種浪費本錢的益處之外,液袋最大的劣勢在于價錢廉價。算下的價錢將近傳統辦法的一半。

(10) The operation of liquid bags is very simple, only a few groups and some pipes are needed to complete the operation, while the traditional IBC and tank require dozens of workers to complete the loading. Secondly, it is very easy to load and unload. The liquid can be filled from the top valve through the pipe, and then the liquid can be released from the bottom valve through the pipe when it needs to be released.

(11) In addition to the benefits of wasting capital mentioned below, the greatest disadvantage of liquid bags is that they are cheap. The calculated price is nearly half that of the traditional method.

(12) defect

(13) Leakage: It is very responsible to say that the leakage of liquid bag soft packaging materials is inevitable. It is also the biggest obstacle to the use of liquid bags at present. There are many reasons for leakage, which can be classified as: design defects of liquid bags; consumption quality defects of liquid bags; improper use (including foreign body scratches, violent collisions, etc.).
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